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Diamond Member
All Gold Member perks 60% Silver discount on in-game items 2x voting power Reserved slots +1 simultaneous use of /label +4 costume model limit Change your emote voice pitch
Gold Member
25% Silver discount on in-game items Steam avatar in chat 1.5x voting power AFK kicker immunity No kicks from players using reserved slots Access to /label command Change chat message color +2 costume model limit
$1 per 40000
Currency used to buy in-game items such as hats and cosmetics.
Title Change Cards
$1 per
Give you or another player a unique title Completely anonymous Titles given can't be removed for 30 days Multiple titles will display in a cycle Click on a player's name or use /settitle Freely change your primary title between any received or given to yourself
Custom Emotes


Are memberships permanent? Yes. Can you buy in-game advantages like extra health, damage, etc? Is it "pay-to-win"? No and never. My payment didn't credit my account. What happened? Try refreshing the page. Most payments are instant but some need to be cleared first. E-checks take days. Bitcoins take up to an hour. Anything else, e-mail me. Can I upgrade from Gold to Diamond member? Yes and you will only have to pay the difference. Refunds? Stricly NONE. Your account will be terminated if you try to. Can I pay to be unbanned? Does this make me immune to bans? No. Don't use the shop as a pass to be an idiot. How do reserved slots work? We save the last player slot in each server. If a diamond member joins, it will kick the person who's been connected the least amount of time. Anyone else who joins will be denied access. Can I pay to be an admin? No and never. Do title change cards overwrite previous titles? A: No, active titles display on rotation. Rest assured that your title cards will have a lasting impact!

Bitcoin: 1BV6nY9gdM6k3eWXaEXtEknwLHB1YDWtJh Ethereum: 0xb0a8276661b77733b58d69a39670be048c7f98cc CS:GO keys ($2.50 per, added to your balance)

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