4b30e0db1275e76669f0af857b3368eb2eb218d5 in JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown 2017-08-15T01:56:20-04:00 Update by JetBoom

Jumping, movement, guiding line adjustments Jump landing now only slows if you are moving more than 5% faster than the game-enforced speed when you left the ground. This will slow people bunny hopping, but will not slow someone simply for landing. Reverted crouch jump restrictions and jump height. It's unlikely that people will be able to use crouch jumping to their advantage with the player collision changes. Added eft_throwingguide client convar to turn the guiding line for throwing off. The throwing guide line is disabled server-wide with eft_competitive 1

== Modified 4 gamemodes/extremefootballthrowdown/gamemode/cl_init.lua gamemodes/extremefootballthrowdown/gamemode/player_class/class_default.lua gamemodes/extremefootballthrowdown/gamemode/shared.lua gamemodes/extremefootballthrowdown/gamemode/states/throw.lua