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a8a7e11e3dc4b548df28b06b144831bc6824ef89 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed owens ammo Raox2 2017-12-11T22:31:02Z
182633c7008e8917b94cada20320cda362aaaf16 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a lua error with force fields. Increase the damage of starter turrets by 10%, they are a little bit bad. Keeping the health the same so they are easy to destroy near spawns. Raox2 2017-12-11T22:17:13Z
1504248c711475c8430e7fa98f58fe560688cf1c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new skill: Concentrated Effect. Very slightly increases your explosive damage but reduces explosive radius. Cannonball has -20% projectile speed but +3% projectile damage. Orphic Focus's penalty to not ironsighting has been reduced to 110%. The reload penalty is now -5% instead of -10%. Wooism's ironsighting penalty is now -25% from -40%. Soft Detonation's explosive damage radius penalty is now only -10%. Sure Step's penalty to movement speed is now -5 and the slow effectiveness reduction has been increased. Intrepid's movement speed penalty is now halved. Fixed a few weapons not showing damage numbers in the correct place. Increased the damage of Loaded Hull explosions from 150 -> 225. Raox2 2017-12-11T18:03:40Z
074bfd9db621e014e6b0469043aa1c699de2da4b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the drone control not setting the correct resupply ammo type. Rollermine speed reduced by 10%. Increased the hit cooldown, but increased the damage to compensate. Slightly reduced bounce velocity. Shades can now grab them. Low ammo force fields are now red instead of cracked. Increased the fire rate of pulse drones. Raox2 2017-12-11T16:36:38Z
56687b34cc7a769729a8be37b46c3de6dc193622 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Make the laser meta less prevalent. Gluon and variants damage reduced 5%. Raox2 2017-12-10T21:44:07Z
e51ea875c875aad16b2019fb01d6d30c95f0bd86 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merged Skill Tree Branch to Master. (Dummy commit to make it show in /updates). Raox2 2017-12-10T10:57:19Z
33586cd398e126700a7a99fc038c72c8ffe511f9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a close button to the class menu. Raox2 2017-12-09T20:50:13Z
ca1dee354813afeb725d671ff449e2a05a55712c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Enkindler killicon Raox2 2017-12-09T20:31:28Z
eb305035741e5586fdf5b4c9ecea517e99da24b4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced Heavy Strikes rebalance -reduced knockback bonus from 125% to 100% -unarmed strikes now take 100% of damage instead of 8% (brass knuckles aren't considered unarmed) TheDarkerOne 2017-12-09T19:51:34-05:00
5d7e096ea1681b45625fa4871969ec00f9b4054b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed Bloodletter not working with Cardiotonic TheDarkerOne 2017-12-09T19:14:14-05:00
d622e3182523b45c96d260829a27b230b1db8d9f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Updated Sawhack appearance and killicon TheDarkerOne 2017-12-09T18:43:22-05:00
2dc5a5975b4bb3070c36a2f65aee9c21bf8601e3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the speed debuff on kill for the Brash skill. Fixed the pulse drone killicon. Fixed Resonance Cascade trinket proccing twice. Fixed the blood shot bomb ammo. Raox2 2017-12-09T18:01:18Z
0dfdde6f69ccceceb85f95bfe2904e03a23220ba JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Tithonus damage: 21 -> 22.5. Accuracy also improved slightly. Bonemesh projectiles only heal skeletal classes for 36% of their health. The regeneration buff is also only 36% effective. Raox2 2017-12-09T16:20:45Z
fc42dc20e00ca0c30e1e5eeb4f5306a394051a8f JetBoom/noxiousrpg Prepare skill system change Skills are leveled with XP you get from doing stuff (kill mobs, harvest, craft). Use the XP to level skills of your choice. Minor skills still level through use. JetBoom 2017-12-09T00:59:22-05:00
466a7b8269f200a0ba971ac0e53df6ef9ec041e1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Refactored some logic around leg damage, pulse weapons and cold damage inflicting weapons. All cold damage now implicitly inflicts arm damage. Frost Shade, Chilled Ghoul, Frigid Revenant and Cool Wisp are immune to sources of slow from cold weapons (Frotchet and Cryo Gas Grenade). Raox2 2017-12-08T19:21:58Z
cf35b217b9134fcedc868b77899a3ba62bf2705f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Scythe damage upped. Fixed the adrenaline amplifier modifier giving you 5 seconds of speed instead of 10. Raox2 2017-12-07T22:24:33Z
33416bb306019bb7e67c31296515fe4c4413ba40 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Merge pull request #64 from ChiefTuK/patch-6 Update prop_carry_smokebomb.lua JetBoom 2017-12-07T21:35:24-05:00
3854d1f738ccedea1ca7c039b519234df78c5878 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Merge pull request #65 from ChiefTuK/patch-7 very minor stuff JetBoom 2017-12-07T21:35:16-05:00
b5ccf744c9ae2017e052ccb079fde5d5f37fd131 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new skills: Motion I-III (counterparts to Vitality), Brash. Raox2 2017-12-07T19:49:45Z
83fd921d891f669ac35d03ebcc579eb32c40ce48 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Humans now spawn on sigils when they connect. Adjusted the formula for the way zombies get extra health when they spawn. It should adapt to player count better now. Will be monitoring this. If it works out okay late game zombies might be tapered in difficulty. Zombies at a low infliction get a buff to damage and speed. This is denoted with a slight green glow. Raox2 2017-12-06T22:51:04Z
4a18168a4da716840394ed1fa188a75a3063d2a5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Oversight. Also trying to make future codebase changes not extend over too many characters. Raox2 2017-12-06T21:07:38Z
ac488b2416427785533696c0658ff95a37b426e9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Gluon type weapons now have a bit of heft. Trinkets will help out. Fixed Cardiotonic consuming blood armor when you're not moving. Raox2 2017-12-06T20:32:27Z
16a01d48eb96d078c69d652912f65390a3fcf401 JetBoom/bosco Initial commit JetBoom 2017-12-06T17:36:56-05:00
debb7bb2e9ea32dc32d6208772f20387116fdfb8 JetBoom/noxiousnet-server Initial commit JetBoom 2017-12-06T16:53:59-05:00
b62809cdaae9018661ca898a043f3ff9b1fefe9d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Missing color values TheDarkerOne 2017-12-06T01:45:26-05:00
861fea3121a1e36dc467bb7f4e89cdd485bd29f2 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet ZE pickup message changes Messages should only display if the weapon has children parented to it Now includes target names to know which weapon was picked up Added hook for things like chatlog tracking ZE weapons now have a sprite to indicate where you have to stand to pick it up and are team colored. Green for zombies and orange for humans. Zombies can now drop ZE weapons TheDarkerOne 2017-12-06T01:38:42-05:00
b09e79895f05afd32fe278db2f7aac12d1b52597 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the Scythe to Tier 4. Pierces like a longsword and has a 3 hit combo. Raox2 2017-12-05T23:19:55Z
706fc6789a1c12196a74824ca03d08fd23444e45 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced all stats on the Owens except damage. Shroud clip size and accuracy increased. Slug Rifle has a 2.5x headshot multiplier, which applies to bosses. Added the Craft Book to the Weapons Database. Raox2 2017-12-05T21:09:41Z
07e7d68649f88d74fe86a2e6af401e800c44111a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Improved the language of the worth menu. Conveys selected elements more clearly. Items you can't select are now properly red highlighted. Raox2 2017-12-05T20:09:54Z
84fdbb9fb7bf0183cc78f67ddf02b258e7ee9342 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added killicons for the Assault Turret, Pulse Drone, Rollermine, Antidote Shot and Onyx. Drone killicon reworked. Moved deployables into their own tab in the arsenal. Fixed pngs not showing in the weapon selection. Made it so killicons that use a font render with a higher size in the weapon selection. Raox2 2017-12-05T19:53:49Z
d6a88544199788875d48fdcaba476a393f623561 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a lua error Raox2 2017-12-03T20:06:34Z
8eb3fc5941b81ca41d3188d1f2d8512800a35c0e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a few issues with rollermines. Raox2 2017-12-03T18:59:43Z
b29f76f1544a413a32b16df2e17d629bf7f04364 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown beating stick align properly to hand ChiefTuK 2017-12-03T18:15:46-08:00
3074179718bb4f9df73a5fa9e74cc201062687a6 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Update status_gravity.lua dsp ChiefTuK 2017-12-03T18:06:37-08:00
506c3a0f49d0179c02d78a6b09c0bdfe852f2209 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Update status_boozed.lua add dsp ChiefTuK 2017-12-03T18:01:32-08:00
ef130454e1744ebb5230c423ec1dfea92a58f4f3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added stats for a rough approximation of the time held of a weapon. This may give us a better read out on weapon stats in future. Raox2 2017-12-03T17:12:17Z
cbcf7b1c345558fe650131ce7428f24a4233dc10 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet The ammo side bar no longer removes ammo options if you have 0 ammo left (from dropping or giving). Instead, the ammo indicators grey out and the indicators are gone when you close and reopen the menu. Update close to being ready, needs QA/testing and killicons really. Raox2 2017-12-03T16:33:11Z
6fee655ef96339db62ea956c990fcc7b31972596 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Update prop_carry_smokebomb.lua smoke + fire = no fire ChiefTuK 2017-12-03T15:08:48-08:00
09ddde0a9153484e3d729820981841629f7f79c9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet A few fixes... "zsdropweapon" will now drop your materia. Raox2 2017-12-03T14:41:36Z
d918a4a674cca3ae335e5498e26acb61ecfeef17 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed materias/ZE Weapons not dropping in ZE from dead players. Added a notification when a player picks up one of these special weapons. Raox2 2017-12-03T13:14:24Z
c11299b2ee82bc17d71116cada7bece23842102b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed Frigid Ghoul appearing as locked. Made it so Objective Maps don't display locked zombie classes. The zombie class bar will shrink to 1 row if need be. Raox2 2017-12-03T12:40:08Z
7cdeb20e2a2e9747aaa66398de673cf46dc96813 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the Bloodshot Bomb. Grants a small amount of blood armor and a short duration strength bonus to humans in the radius. Affected by Dispersion. Cloud time affects the buff duration. Set the stock to 3 and made it expensive for an initial run. Raox2 2017-12-02T17:53:40Z
44d4803190b58f27edd74613b009bd5cf1adc9a0 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the Assault Turret for 125 points. Uses assault rifle ammo. Readded brass ejections and fixed muzzle flashes. Colossus damage: 110 -> 120. Raox2 2017-12-02T17:14:47Z
370eb1e75b5dc2b44db7536db2ad08586a20f2ad JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added Dispersion. Increases cloud bomb radius. Raox2 2017-12-02T12:55:38Z
3dfc5470ffe874e23eb086c757e8603d3f0a50de JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Modified some disassembly results. Modular Barrel now comes from Stubber and Burst Fire Mechanism comes from Crackler. Should enable a few more "builds". Rollermine adjustments. Codebase changes. Raox2 2017-12-02T11:44:08Z
4c204afb0e6a10e418022efa48f74586ad3fed38 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Refined Subscope now works on Tier 3 weapons. Added new trinket: Superior Assembly. A bonus for Tier 2 or lower weapons based on how much you've remantled them. Raox2 2017-11-30T21:45:23Z
80412087e3ae618078e83ffc3ea27777236a70d5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Clean up projectile code. Raox2 2017-11-30T19:15:52Z
46faeed47d589295fb59bc7d08de906db9b56e58 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Decreased damage manhacks do to nests, but increased their base damage by roughly 15%. Decreased the penalty of Twin Volley from 75% to 50%. Rocket turrets now have increased damage by 10% and decreased the fire delay by 20%, Made the jumping mechanic more robust on Rollermines, and rebalanced them slightly. Increased the bonuses associated with Sugar Rush in terms of both speed and duration. Blood Armor now regenerates to maximum blood armor. Raox2 2017-11-30T18:20:54Z
da2550c265fc6d4fa19b65f14930a55cf0f3f8b9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Slightly redact a few older pistol nerfs now pistol ammo is 14. Eraser is now more accurate again. Glock reload speed penalty removed. Deagle damage pushed up from 53 -> 54.5 as it didn't need to be nerfed really. Raox2 2017-11-30T17:28:04Z
1258df41f914b986dabb5d5e94464aa3315d9f1a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Zombies can no longer damage two props at the same time. Raox2 2017-11-30T17:24:57Z
7be76a95ff20b5ad5d0507b4f48871e1467de588 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new skill unlock: Antidote Handgun. Fires a short range piercing shot that heals a lot of poison and cures most statuses. Each status cleansed gives a you tiny point bonus. Cannot cure health damage. Doesn't have a great rate of fire. Stats aren't final. Raox2 2017-11-28T22:41:45Z
78b3fd982343c99dd61ebab822bea5f4171740c3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new skill: Scourer. Swaps your end of wave point gain for an end of wave scrap bonus at a 50% rate. Added new skill: Lanky II. Raox2 2017-11-28T19:27:38Z
3c233c521302f52551ccc9ef34afee0a2656ea91 JetBoom/noxiousrpg worthless check JetBoom 2017-11-28T08:24:09-05:00
6c67dd2f0b760f6ce35aeb7cf4d2755fcdfc0d48 JetBoom/noxiousrpg men JetBoom 2017-11-28T08:14:53-05:00
72bba9e30fb9b26739dfb93fcc1ce223fc740306 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new Tier 3 for 70 points: 'Onyx' Rifle. A well rounded rifle with balanced all round stats and nothing too special about it. Prop phasing via nailing near zombies now only applies to boss zombies. Gonna try this for a while, rewarding dilligent barricaders who are proactive. Raox2 2017-11-27T22:31:21Z
68d189cad87a60bc71c0b6125b2635eeffb8bb78 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merge branch 'master' into skilltreerework Raox2 2017-11-27T22:23:12Z
1d7d6c9ca5e82d3dc263313fb47963190fc8750b JetBoom/noxiousrpg better placement of the derma menu absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-27T17:13:38-05:00
f441d21ac02081fd2627cac3590e117c9174dd88 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new melee skill: Blood Lust When active, any damage caused by a zombie will turn into phantom health represented as a gray area on the health bar that decreases by 5 points per second. Any source of healing will take the amount healed away from phantom health. 25% of melee damage done to zombies will be healed from remaining phantom health. Reduces any other source of healing by 40% as a down side. TheDarkerOne 2017-11-27T17:13:35-05:00
b7f104fd721b214165459743c35a8722cf3b4401 JetBoom/noxiousrpg only allow a new cast if one is not already occuring absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-27T17:13:25-05:00
741a8d25928bd32cc6c4504f10ff1391b62ce9e1 JetBoom/noxiousrpg spells only registered once absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-27T17:12:54-05:00
4b8a9e0a3de5c3df3214ba94708735fe9c218599 JetBoom/noxiousrpg add rudimentary spell casting flow absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-27T16:43:55-05:00
9136fe714d03776acc26a3eaba44bae441ef2c07 JetBoom/noxiousrpg add rpg_cast, rpg_cast_start, rpg_cast_complete, rpg_cast_cancel absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-27T15:52:05-05:00
96d96b309ce2054669e9e6a79b148fef977e7f66 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Medic guns lockon delay is no longer tied to the primary delay Minelayers can now right click on out of reach mines and turn them into inert ammo. The ammo cannot be picked up by anyone other than the owner for the next 15 seconds. TheDarkerOne 2017-11-26T11:21:37-05:00
7f967ceeb45c093c568b1453f70e815304b79ca1 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Remove movement restrictions during casting. JetBoom 2017-11-26T10:30:53-05:00
d818c3d5830b56de2756d8c8212cfa9945670e4f JetBoom/noxiousrpg Fix EntityTakeDamage. Change ability loading behavior. JetBoom 2017-11-26T03:50:40-05:00
3518c20f9559f4775ff9b05ce92e0ee71413a93e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made the bonuses and debuffs from medical rifle stronger. Raox2 2017-11-26T00:16:01Z
84c193ac673835bfa3859dc342164fd646c3e992 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed being able to give trinkets when they already have it. Raox2 2017-11-26T00:11:01Z
467434c4db51b9b7b535c26a8608160245914eaa JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Remedy the Remedial Booster. Raox2 2017-11-25T22:33:45Z
00d62e8e7339e047a6e65cb56d3616c336ed1f5f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Changed Cinderrod episode 2 effect back to original Removed Enkindler reload speed reduction Fixed fire mines not aligning correctly with world TheDarkerOne 2017-11-25T21:15:41-05:00
c89bcb4da707ee9bac3e911b24f11eaf00507613 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Skilltreerework branch Reworked the Cinder Rod. No longer removes itself from your inventory and has rebalanced stats. Fixed lua error. Added a new craft. Raox2 2017-11-25T17:35:40Z
524d7000c6c8faf924c7125bbb7ec0226d15c4f7 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Muon now works a bit differently, has same base damage as Gluon but damage scales on the amount of heat you've got. Raox2 2017-11-25T16:29:56Z
a1dc52d33896f002ad6f5d28b16b2d46e77c42e5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Force Field Emitters reworked. Force fields now require pulse ammo to operate. On the upside they don't take direct damage from projectiles anymore. If a force field emitter runs out of pulse ammo it'll be inactive and won't block projectiles. The amount of damage blocked is a set ratio. Message beacons and force fields now pack faster. Raox2 2017-11-25T16:13:18Z
28f1100e99ab22d19a0a5ee0e93d15f5613e6cd2 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Melee weapons with knockback no longer reflect damage back to you if using heavy strikes on bosses Fixed fist knockback angle TheDarkerOne 2017-11-25T10:41:35-05:00
328d7b7519b978d040c1fa147942d8eb4854b93d JetBoom/noxiousrpg Temp fix for null call to IsInteractable JetBoom 2017-11-25T09:06:21-05:00
7d1747f9d7f3fb557b154ec8db4c8c4b8c246407 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Disable awful camera effects JetBoom 2017-11-24T22:46:05-05:00
9fbb86a7188801afee40aedcde61437b6e826338 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Fix misuse of Vector.Normalize JetBoom 2017-11-24T22:41:18-05:00
1c6a72c8019200b60d599c75d9fee0c27e671f6b JetBoom/noxiousrpg Add missing Entity.TakeNonLethalDamage JetBoom 2017-11-24T22:30:10-05:00
0ff0954ce23d86749c8f05aa82a10eaee5b40f7e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new skill: Cardiotonic. Removed point multipliers from debuffs. They were a way to scale a massive amount of points for a little amount of risk in the later stages of the game. Debuffs now have brand new new modifiers which are more start of game facing. Bonuses include starting scrap, starting points, a small arsenal discount, end of wave bonuses and resupply bonuses. Raox2 2017-11-24T20:33:26Z
ff8f36e741979e563883a4e79277d8dc5258b2a7 JetBoom/noxiousrpg fix context menus absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-24T14:57:04-05:00
99e37af49ac379cb77cc067f5403890d2c8235c0 JetBoom/noxiousrpg let's only do hacky shit if we need to absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-24T14:05:05-05:00
e03e6cf381ec51a8b55b1c9ec71c39165d405664 JetBoom/noxiousrpg another hacky workaround to stop drawarrow errors absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-24T14:03:02-05:00
a084465937805cc0fc5c238e8b3cb5cf4f1dcc79 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/JetBoom/noxiousrpg absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-24T13:59:01-05:00
369e1bc22d426960c12168060613e5aa8ee47db9 JetBoom/noxiousrpg UpdateSkills now iterates the global skill table and uses GetSkill() to fall back to defaults absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-24T13:58:37-05:00
6eed4e624b6c6bb928d2b03f5d7552de9bf9bacb JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Experiment with making the skill trees different colours. Added a "neutral" skill, Cannonball. Allows you to reduce your projectile speed. ASMD will require Quasar + Precision with skill tree update. Raox2 2017-11-23T20:13:45Z
c896909e2c090b1e46d85d47c6cb28e379934192 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merging.. Raox2 2017-11-23T19:23:43Z
7ed3fd3c63c82d07aec062d68209489604ffd5fd JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet ASMD tweaks. ASMD secondary now has a different appearance. ASMD detonation should be more responsive. Reduced the projectile speed of the secondary attack of the ASMD. Slightly increased the fire rate of primary attack of the ASMD. Made it so you can detonate 3 cores with a single clip. Raox2 2017-11-23T19:21:20Z
49b5c86a68edaf554cac849a7efb22a4e28f35e8 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Higher order functions WIP... Raox2 2017-11-23T19:10:22Z
923b198fa744e37fd4a8f08858bb27c8e251184a JetBoom/noxiousrpg Fix StatusHook not taking args JetBoom 2017-11-23T07:16:20-05:00
19f262eaa1cf745ce27d8b83d44d09bf2a8135b2 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Move most usermessages to net system. JetBoom 2017-11-23T07:05:06-05:00
b25260069b91b373ca9bbfa5a1cb715971699929 JetBoom/noxiousrpg add StatusHook absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-23T02:55:32-05:00
60367fb9e41beb85ff69db8370800f9bb445b1cb JetBoom/noxiousrpg update GetColor calls; add default values for DToolTip member variables absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-23T00:19:37-05:00
a16c32e5038e5480cb584a6ff517ef8d804830cf JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Pistol ammo supply amounts reduced from 16 -> 14. The pistol meta is extremely dominant currently as a source of producing points and causes other weapons to get commonly overshadowed. Starter pistols given some damage to compensate, as they weren't strong by themselves and commonly get overlooked. Long Arm also increased a bit in damage. Raox2 2017-11-22T22:05:32Z
78a4ef649c45a3c5ac647d990ff1e3551fc371e5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Add some more model voice sets JetBoom 2017-11-22T03:25:59-05:00
d72c2369782b1639979509273c0d0c318f294d70 JetBoom/lua-noxiousnet First new models in years JetBoom 2017-11-22T03:25:41-05:00
1f0109116d6f5490069f0d7e9b6785ad785a3e03 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merge branch 'master' into skilltreerework Raox2 2017-11-21T22:59:36Z
00c01eea1964b8b943a57dd760803abe509927c6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Nails now have small, particle effects when a prop is nearly destroyed. They happen very slowly and aren't super bright. Raox2 2017-11-21T22:57:51Z
596479b7f4d8e0097a6c79389e0ecda7997c53c1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added outlines to the new prop HP displays. Raox2 2017-11-21T22:28:38Z
4baa557daea9075d0a1543f540edab7622b0667e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Source of multi shot hit reg was resolved so made a few shotguns have more pellets to make them feel like shotguns. The damage remains completely the same. Raox2 2017-11-20T22:00:30Z
b31bb7914b463263b1964c9e5043641494370318 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Eradicators can now only revive once per life but will revive to full hp if not killed properly/with special damage types/with a headshot. Raox2 2017-11-20T21:47:59Z
4c8ee84dc4129f1eefb209ff17200bb97c9fdb4f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merge branch 'master' into skilltreerework Raox2 2017-11-20T21:31:36Z
531b188832ac4b4a25074b64a92ebf8f91f28964 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Removed references to .Variants in code. Raox2 2017-11-20T21:30:41Z
c1677ed6a1951ac1b73eca017773967a22f90d8d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Zombies have secondary chance to hit, originating from their torso. Solves discrepency between the two teams' melee attacks and the dumb strategy of crouching in front of zombies. JetBoom 2017-11-20T21:27:19-05:00
fa48a5dfbd555427c3467d75a334663bf950a369 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet First picked zombies are now random classes. Should encourage zombies to change classes. Can still easily change class. Flesh Creepers won't be picked initially. Raox2 2017-11-20T19:04:33Z
582239b2c880d62e9cb91343db573746ee42d3e4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed zombies taking full slow when crouch jumping. Raox2 2017-11-20T18:23:47Z
dd0572cd9b7b65929dc00d5a6c2b0a5bd155e0ba JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Crafting recipes are no longer private. Selecting a component or trinket will tell you what it can be used with, if it has recipes. You do not need to be holding a weapon to try crafting it. Raox2 2017-11-19T22:51:35Z
06786f9d3b9ac3c3360c314439a449da426bf478 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Part of this rework I guess - improved Wisp control significantly. Raox2 2017-11-19T21:43:44Z
56fdb798a1cfdd730725c6665270a099efaa8e93 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a new trinket, and adjusted the way leg damage mechanics work a bit. Raox2 2017-11-19T16:58:23Z
c1b8dbac5ad471f5f53c47bdeac7224db794d1d6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a bit of leg damage to the cascade effect TheDarkerOne 2017-11-19T14:43:49-05:00
f23409b58eb5d9985d748029316677f2cac46fa6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet F i x e d Raox2 2017-11-19T13:36:56Z
54c31a4bd690498571f8792e494849e3feeb45aa JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Skill/trinket changes. Keep trinket/skill descriptions a bit more consistent Added new starter trinkets which can't be dismantled for the new skill, Alacrity. Added new skill, Intrepid. Reduced the amount of scrap to upgrade turrets and zappers and let them be dismantleable since they're not cruical. Raox2 2017-11-19T13:30:59Z
d7ae7676a821e34aec000fb4536a1ee379e196d2 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reworked Pulse Cutter and Added Rollermine. Added the Rollermine. New controllable that rolls along the ground and shocks zombies, knocking itself a considerable distance. Reworked the Pulse Cutter drone into its own variant. Raox2 2017-11-18T23:29:28Z
47d1f9ddee7a4a87d9add5311d3ebb23d6e7b8f3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merge master changes into skilltreerework branch Raox2 2017-11-18T21:16:43Z
237d567b6125c8e82a28b53e2d09e806a9f54b0a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Battler skills are now scaled over 5 skills instead of 6 (still +27%) Added new melee skill: Heavy Strikes - Increases melee knockback by 125% but reflects 8% of melee damage done back to the attacker Remade Cheap Kuckles into Cheap Tactics - Attacking a zombie from behind with any melee weapon will apply leg damage but have -10% melee range Ropeadope and Knuckle Mastery have been merged into a single skill. Increased Knuckle Mastery swing reduction from -25% to -35% TheDarkerOne 2017-11-18T14:37:07-05:00
044e942fafa84f0f07b365778fc68db2eaa0d89d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the arc zapper beam position not always being correct. Nerfed the damage of the Hades and Muon, as they weren't properly looked at post tier 6 balancing. Leg damage on Hades increased slightly, and range decreased to regular gluon values. Raox2 2017-11-18T02:28:00Z
9c05de139348de0c8ed56d4abfa61432a944401a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a major bug. Raox2 2017-11-18T02:20:19Z
484c28f1e1d520fa27ff35d7f16df80279761cf9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added Sure Step Raox2 2017-11-18T02:10:07Z
f6bbcf895f65db1eb69dbdfa8092c727b4c197a8 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the Reprocessor trinket. (Technically a skill...) Allows you to right click with food to turn it into medical ammo. Raox2 2017-11-17T20:48:09Z
ee77b79e9fdc997621bca8bfc20f2c9f663e490f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Minor trinket clientside application fix Raox2 2017-11-17T19:25:15Z
fbe61d3329770fb554975145915bdd3ec64f3802 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the modifers for 8 skills (8 new skills so far) More fixes to do with tables being no longer sequential. Added logic to allow players to start with only 1 item, but be it from any category (trinkets, food, consumables) Orphic Focus made more significant in bonuses and penalties. Raox2 2017-11-17T18:29:45Z
14790fe056c2614a86cc2684059402905e593828 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased bust head worth from 35 to 40 Bust changes: -reduced range from 60 to 50 -reduced damage from 65 to 50 Rebar Mace changes: -improved attack delay from 1.5 to 1.4 -improved swing delay from 1.1 to 0.8 Improved Harpoon swing delay from 0.75 to 0.6 TheDarkerOne 2017-11-17T12:21:48-05:00
e0b736be4ff7b9e3f8f5bda1cd128d988e8f3d94 JetBoom/noxiousrpg clients now recieve item updates absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T23:26:33-05:00
fdca2d9f57d4db0f99b68a150f20eba10cb659de JetBoom/noxiousrpg remove trace call absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T22:22:23-05:00
566c523600c61f03e9c50db8db7b0ba67beb42dc JetBoom/noxiousrpg Merging absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T22:21:09-05:00
309cb60b73fd2c8c61f27a620597b8a440a28bf6 JetBoom/noxiousrpg fix unique id not being loaded absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T22:19:25-05:00
0aa41d42b5b33e3e5068178df39c75a5b73a9289 JetBoom/noxiousrpg AddContentsCallback calls ReadString absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T22:19:10-05:00
334d1d400d9c6ea7c49fed01492babbbadade193 JetBoom/noxiousrpg remove unused NDB reference absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T22:18:31-05:00
df22fb5f06da682928e3fb78481f5381cb1990db JetBoom/noxiousrpg move cl_boneanimlib up in load priority absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T22:17:57-05:00
8cc1209452f85a5ea4830cb0d32e21f161c31ec9 JetBoom/noxiousrpg men JetBoom 2017-11-15T22:17:18-05:00
d1cb683ad20de22034501290eafe6cd66ee43600 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a long standing issue with transferring skill data from server to client. Skill tree resets are now completed. If you haven't had your skills reset when you join with an old skill tree configuration, your skills will now be refunded. Very small optimisations Raox2 2017-11-15T22:09:19Z
9b7a29d62280309d0a28f3e23f3e9d4bc962e99f JetBoom/noxiousrpg Many fixes. Shouldn't have any load errors anymore. JetBoom 2017-11-15T19:26:44-05:00
ea8f3f4e13e09e95f72cc70e5239a6f31fef512d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Bunch of fixes Fixed fist weapons not dealing double damage to headcrabs Fixed medic gun and rifle trying to resume reloading if it was canceled Fixed Barbed Headcrab projectile not damaging props and deployables Fixed M4 and Aspirant having the wrong animation TheDarkerOne 2017-11-15T18:23:20-05:00
5dc5cc7d0c06fbf8187ce58bb2fb47752c252e4a JetBoom/noxiousrpg fix a bunch more errors absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T18:03:29-05:00
daad8fd9214835ee248daa4c929629ab73c8793e JetBoom/noxiousrpg cleaned up all lua errors absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T12:46:50-05:00
911915d25e58d3c69b77712baef1daf5402c94f9 JetBoom/noxiousrpg update gamemode info; Bring obj_item up to date to noxrp version.; Add missing files.; Add StatusWeaponHook function; updating code & bugfixes absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T02:30:05-05:00
648b76eb5a40772964bdc42261dee2c22f37ba6c JetBoom/noxiousrpg updating code & bugfixes absoluteGOBLIN 2017-11-15T02:23:26-05:00
900e343f10a77a13acefa2ec111c9763e9849f6c JetBoom/noxiousrpg updating code & bugfixes dsbyrne 2017-11-15T02:17:27-05:00
982b44d8918f4beefb9bcfee3ef5619bd836af81 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Add StatusWeaponHook function JetBoom 2017-11-15T00:45:01-05:00
38bcb390684a7090ce0b103017606c1b54bb78ff JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Skill Tree Rework Branch --- All humans are now Muscular. The skill has been replaced with Taut, which gives you the ability to not drop props when damage, but move slower carrying them. Skill tree segmented on a single screen - https://i.imgur.com/cMKcSbG.jpg - Looking something like this, layout subject to change. Still WIP, some unfinished things, also need to do the skill refund functionality that will occur for everyone. Raox2 2017-11-14T22:33:22Z
797ebe22cb2b62ec1f74b92c35abbda83aff3280 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/JetBoom/noxiousrpg dsbyrne 2017-11-14T18:00:51-05:00
c53dc556d018e233044973ab877eff19fe112659 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Add missing files. JetBoom 2017-11-14T17:55:05-05:00
1eafbc318dcee5db238e7b8d02206940ba4e90c7 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Bring obj_item up to date to noxrp version. JetBoom 2017-11-14T17:35:28-05:00
26982211f5824257326e3519bb656735c2af67ea JetBoom/noxiousrpg update gamemode info dsbyrne 2017-11-14T17:23:49-05:00
49bb1ee778a81259fe7295173c7166fd7724e5ee JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Skill tree fully split into subtrees. Still very work in progress on this branch. Raox2 2017-11-13T21:57:56Z
3900a0bb089579f6e393128c9b6b4bfcec62cb47 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merge branch 'master' into skilltreerework Raox2 2017-11-12T14:34:01Z
300d494fb658f3a360397220ac2b63b80b137074 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the spread of rocket turrets, they're currently very inaccurate. Increased the Eminence base damage by 46% since it's currently garbage. Tau Cannon damage reduced from 32.3 -> 30.3. Charging time made a bit faster and the knockback also has been increased. Raox2 2017-11-12T14:05:36Z
4c6851e6fb2c4b51263b7c3d7cff45759e71461f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed players holstering their medical kit removing other players medical auras. Adjustments to the AFK selection algorithm. Raox2 2017-11-12T13:47:20Z
a25c316b752b506fea23daef6769a11f5ccb7c25 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added stat tracking for map wins/losses on a particular wave. We'll be monitoring this to make sure there is the right amount of wonned/losed in ZS. Raox2 2017-11-12T13:25:07Z
ffe5e3f70ff23fd9026c27edd592a96f5f97b9b2 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed cases of props applying forces to players when they shouldn't. Raox2 2017-11-12T13:03:53Z
2368ed2b1aa2c9c32a01a6bfcfb86266b8ee06fb JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted Haemostasis in the skill rework. Now has a higher penalty but allows you to completely block status effects at the cost of losing blood armor. Raox2 2017-11-12T12:58:51Z
0d5a71db9916487104501f25abc185354fae9a57 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Cryo Gas Grenades now last a bit longer, deal a bit more leg damage and have a points multiplier. Raox2 2017-11-11T16:21:03Z
e6a5a5956458cf3fc4a051b51d9d0d6cfadd814f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted the nail displays for next update. Removed flesh creeper human detection rings since they're irrelevant now. Cosmos damage reduced from 42.5 -> 38.5 Cinder rod has been made a bit more explosive. Raox2 2017-11-11T16:11:15Z
40deb1f33be09a888c5ca1a56702ee20576c56a0 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet WIP Skill rework commit Raox2 2017-11-11T15:43:06Z
aecd39f12c92c9f35b77b2285cc765c43a28cc52 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet skilltreerework branch - Pretty up the display of the main tree and transitions between the sub trees. Raox2 2017-11-08T20:22:41Z
ab65bff32be0cb94e2e0ca589b2d30684b3bbc5c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Started working on the skill tree rework - this is on a seperate branch. Following functionality done - can switch between different trees. The data isn't done yet at all and looks totally wrong. Skills can now have a "tree" associated with them. Raox2 2017-11-07T19:46:36Z
866d99a10b7f5e99cb20bdeca6aea814281f32ab JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed lua error. Raox2 2017-11-07T19:42:31Z
d0fb77c9d1fc6766987b8d9313bad0b8f1cf3660 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the model scale of nails. Made the display of nails a bit more minimalistic. Now has a fixed width bar to denote the repairs and health remaining. Looking away from nailed props causes the displays to be more transparent. The barricade expert icon is now colored to indicate the players "barricade expert strength" in relation to their remort level. Raox2 2017-11-06T20:44:38Z
6bad18e9bc516a26ad04d9fe2f696f452e310eb2 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added quick stats display to the skill tree. Displays your worth, health and speed for easy viewing and dynamically changes based on what skills you want to be active next round. Added a 2nd sound when turning on a skill. Raox2 2017-11-06T20:20:04Z
32eefd5eee38921a6a569702b13bb54e5442d926 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added statistics tracking for Brains Eaten by a zombie class. Added statistics tracking for Hits, Headshots and Kills with a weapon. Raox2 2017-11-06T17:43:48Z
e9534d3569fc71ba9014146dbd4f0f4f4ae02869 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Medical kit traces can now penetrate through other players. Raox2 2017-11-05T15:50:29Z
2696af26247034303751c4a75528a1ae066d8e8c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Lacerators now deal the same damage to barricades as fast zombies. Statistically they were performing better at doing damage to barricades than more tankier zombies due to their speed and damage. Raox2 2017-11-05T14:34:25Z
8ba5d691a3b61d58f751d7260b46a6f72cb9a1ca JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Removed the point bonus from Noodle Arms. Added a new craft. Raox2 2017-11-05T13:29:57Z
3a26122539b550ca9518c2c98d61e1c054f648d7 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Removed initialiser classes aka Initial Dead logic (deprecated by the BetterZombie system) Point multipliers no longer apply to end of wave bonuses, and end of wave points now show as a message stating how many you've earned. Moved Frigid Ghoul to Wave 1. Projectiles that deal poison are now affected by projectile damage multipliers. Raox2 2017-11-04T14:28:27Z
7f98858b296f0f25f2e6c17fe8bc61257f513a31 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Code base changes (Move trinkets to inventory file, cleanups) Raox2 2017-11-04T11:49:39Z
5092bf24801a6c84ed3d93f8fd663182e5141861 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Penalty on Smart Targetting set to -30% healing effectiveness (additive with Surgeon perks). Raox2 2017-11-04T11:33:29Z
d221401e95bfc1006a20471e475ad277febb218e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a bug with Tiny slug headshot damage Fixed Skeletal Shambler revive behaviour Skeletal Shamblers are no longer 6ft alphas TheDarkerOne 2017-11-03T16:44:37-04:00
c83d2648246bc73200feabe0f5b762b10e1414f5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Smart Targetting now imparts a penalty to healing effectiveness, reduced the fire delay penalty to compensate. Hades and Muon tier fixed. Raox2 2017-11-02T19:24:44Z
95a87486ea0646774f35a40c09eb52094fd1b53c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Changed Mega Masher and a few small fixes Raox2 2017-10-29T16:25:32Z
08cef0b50907b5afe67cb11f905f8a3eba8e57a9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed operations matrix Raox2 2017-10-29T10:30:12Z
aa90fcbc0e2ba0290a80a74620b6ebabea276d57 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Skill requirement fix Raox2 2017-10-29T08:47:31Z
9008274e7f2f9b997815742246f5d483a7558b99 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed high velocity flesh creepers Raox2 2017-10-29T08:45:02Z
3a1af3fb654fe28b46826f64b7a4e6fb8c3a902d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added an option to reduce the scale of ironsights zooming. This does not affect scoped weapons. Added an option to disable weapon scopes. This option will make scoped weapons use normal ironsight zooming and be affected by ironsight zoom scaling. TheDarkerOne 2017-10-28T14:52:41-04:00
4716bc9549425a65534801b3cca150d2c108d684 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed reviving into a fresh dead not having proper first person view TheDarkerOne 2017-10-27T21:00:18-04:00
fbc9cf818ee02781bbcdb4592f31a77a1d716714 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Disabled camera rolling in the skill tree Being knocked down or reviving as a zombie will now be in first/third person depending on your current camera mode. Added an option to always be in third person when knocked down or reviving. This option is on by default. TheDarkerOne 2017-10-27T19:58:09-04:00
51f0e831df0070635556606bb436a20fc12a86fc JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Crafting Pack components are now individually buyable. Said components can be bought from the arsenal. The skill now grants you the ability to get the electrohammer and sawblade components. Removed the warning when buying from the arsenal with little time to next wave. Raox2 2017-10-26T20:18:01+01:00
36471cbd7c1a6362975ff038d40d869ae0cc5456 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Trinket changes Some new starter trinkets, and a few new higher tier ones. Some are oriented at medics. Adjustments to Cardio Package and Maintenance Suite. Reduced the price of gas grenades and made them available in worth. Raox2 2017-10-26T19:33:34+01:00
509a7cf6e8924f8713b0cbbb79d108d7e572ff8e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Hide zombie classes from humans. Raox2 2017-10-25T18:33:40+01:00
97fb977e5823467446c48d6f72a51e5fa63e5248 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet It is now impossible to consume food when at full health (aka being healed while eating). Eating food is now impossible while sickened. Raox2 2017-10-25T17:21:08+01:00
d236a26a829d33a4e280515047de185936f6f773 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Shit slapper hull fix Raox2 2017-10-24T21:06:23+01:00
dd55f86b244daf956791de747a7088376a55eba0 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Readded missing Acrobat Frame to arsenal, tier 1 trinket Raox2 2017-10-23T19:33:47+01:00
f85169be4da14bf7cd1b217da29cb37729a3d2d3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Popular T1 adjustments --- Reduce Tosser damage from 14.5 -> 14. Clip size reduced from 25 -> 24. Reload speed reduced from 0.83 -> 0.78. Was the most popular T1 by a metric leapstone and has the stats to prove it. Also reverted a recent crackler buff - damage reduced from 15.25 -> 15. Aim to level down automatic starter weapons a bit. Raox2 2017-10-23T18:49:44+01:00
803c490c342cd90259346ce42108d2d2b2df3812 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Damage/balance changes (mostly ex T6 nerfs) --- Reduced the damage of a bunch of ex Tier 6 weapons. They are still overperforming statistically. Zeus damage reduced from 109.5 -> 104. Chain damage also reduced. Added damage tapering to spinfusor disc explosions (albeit not as heavy as Broadside) Ripper AOE damage reduced. Ripper damage and reload speed slightly reduced. Halved the number of juggernaut projectiles produced across the board. Damage increased from 19.5 -> 20 to compensate. Slightly reduced their velocity. Bulwark damage reduced from 24.5 -> 24. Jackhammer fire delay reduced from 0.35 -> 0.31. Nova Colt damage reduced from 81 -> 74. Quasar fire delay reduced from 1.15 -> 1.05. Smelter base damage increased from 26 -> 27.5. Raox2 2017-10-23T18:25:50+01:00
6ee69f4740824aa263c8563acd70535700caaa50 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new better version of Skeletal Walker: Skeletal Shambler. Slightly larger skeleton which hits harder and has a lot more health, making them very effective against bullets. Unlocked on Wave 5. Has the abilitiy to second wind also. Disabled flinch animations for now as they basically aren't visible if a player is moving (aka most of the time). Raox2 2017-10-23T15:09:37+01:00
8be8f1a7305863d8e72f13d2df732eeb3f1c28a0 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Blood Armor/Medical Tweaks Fixed medical weapons not having a 3D indicator for Smart Targetting. Fixed smart targetting logic. Tracks within about 45 degrees of the target now. A target that is being tracked emits a sound when firing said weapon. Medical Rifle reworked a bit. Uses 8 per shot instead of 6 ammo but heals proportionately more health. Grants a damage resist buff on humans instead of a speed boost now. The Blood Armor skill now works like Regenerator. It regenerates upto 60% of your blood armor cap. This means it is affected by owning a blood armor trinket, hence increases the amount you can regenerate to. The associated penalty with Blood Armor has been slightly reduced to compensate, as this is a nerf at the base level. Clarified a few descriptions on the Blood Armor skill. Raox2 2017-10-23T12:39:21+01:00
6fe515d27dd777d6d57085816d183efa42d8a2c3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed bonemesh bombs from creating insane amounts of blood Raox2 2017-10-21T14:14:53+01:00
e413b41ef613f4954201f2bbc3c565813e193a14 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Bonemesh can now overheal zombies up to 125% of their health. Should make it a fairly useful buffing boss as it is very underused currently. Raox2 2017-10-21T14:11:36+01:00
b092aaf14ed0255b648da49bbee3bde63dc6bf14 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Split Quick Reload Split Quick Reload into a new skill, Sleight of Hand. Raox2 2017-10-21T13:47:59+01:00
9093ee17a4d2f82f2f72c19fd6664302083ac932 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Dummy commit Clarification of previous commiit: Removed being able to disable WORLD objects like mice and telephones for scrap. Raox2 2017-10-21T13:31:18+01:00
9b2ae2b5458b37cb5c0183ebb7d93f064b5c7ec9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Component changes Component changes in line before update. Components now have no max carrying capacity and automatically spawn as components on maps. Readded some new crafts for the Muon and Hades. Removed being able to disassemble things for scrap. This was a bit too spammy and clunky, and was also obtuse to new players. Some new components have been added, but they will be given crafts later. Raox2 2017-10-21T13:27:50+01:00
d50707081cfd20c2b7e320976979c798d1d2b55b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Force field/status changes Added new skill: Haemostasis. Gives you a chance to resist status effects if you have blood armor. Reduces your maximum health as a penalty. Changed the enfeeble on noxious ghoul to sickness. Force fields now prevent status AOE from projectiles, this affects doom crab, extinction crab and frost shade. Raox2 2017-10-21T13:01:44+01:00
a4f225fccfd88e27212010b613333bfb79e6f6c4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Zappers are now affected by pulse slow increase trinkets Moved Pulse Booster to Tier 1. Reduced the price of the Arc Zapper from 125 to 100. Raox2 2017-10-20T21:51:43+01:00
7a4054849ed5029959e535b71c3962dc039a775f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a zombie class upgrade: Noxious Ghoul. Replaces Ghoul and Elder Ghoul at Wave 4. Has the abilities of both, with goop that can inflict slow and enfeeble. Has more health and a decent poison spread. Increased the health of Elder Ghouls and Gore Blaster Zombies slightly. Increased the speed of Elder Ghoul. Raox2 2017-10-20T21:34:52+01:00
9ee6465ea455a16c05ff5e383f352f6d14a5b59f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet typo Raox2 2017-10-20T20:04:46+01:00
66a707b331c6a23d054f54f69f925bcf2d4b26da JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a new class upgrade: Frigid Revenant Unlocks on Wave 4. Overrides both the Shadow Walker and the Frigid Ghoul. Has the abilities of both with more health. Raox2 2017-10-20T20:03:02+01:00
9894fdeae93c4a50c311bc86dc03045e24c369ff JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Forgot missing english text for flesh creeper Raox2 2017-10-20T19:11:12+01:00
fef34de79347ec33a414a08ab1a5da2925e51dcb JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Flesh creeper tweaks Added the ability for flesh creepers to leap. Should give them significantly more mobility. Flesh Creepers now build nests at twice the speed but get a 1 second lock out of healing or building a nest if it was damaged recently. Raox2 2017-10-19T20:06:28+01:00
72793abc015fc3097a25f2cfe77c9eee15328a4f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Colossus headshot penalty reduced and damage increased by 10%. Damage numbers are now consolidated into a single number if at all possible. Mostly affects shotguns. Might slightly improve server performance. Increased the penalty from Smart Targetting from +150% to +200%. Raox2 2017-10-16T20:04:58+01:00
0b1e1a4b5d2dbf2551d18d3d8d7fd236862a35c1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Equalise Slow and Weakness around the same health/speed ratio. Weakness penalty increased from -30 health to -45. Slowness penalty reduced from -45 speed to -33.75 speed. Raox2 2017-10-15T21:56:57+01:00
63d078f9dbc1b97a3d4838eb93a13513b1296759 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed quality deployables not respecting ghost placement rules. Smart Targetting now has a maximum range and can't seek at too high of an angle. Raox2 2017-10-15T21:43:56+01:00
f2699d40ced01d1646b3e1824b4e2fed5fc7e9cc JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Resolved a few lingering issues. Raox2 2017-10-15T10:05:41+01:00
680ab12980df830605e249f17cd6f8fc35178365 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Another fix Raox2 2017-10-14T00:30:59+01:00