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32560a51a1d4a617327234730d13c2c44901d3e5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed zombies spamming lua errors if the gamemode is reloaded in development mode. Raox2 2018-02-18T00:40:51Z
5bd47a0dfcfeebf45f248ee1bc7c94d18eda2216 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Minor performance enhancements across the board. Raox2 2018-02-17T22:20:04Z
0f37740d8e156f18bff59e354c2629c19ca16923 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Getting hurt while sigil teleporting now resets the teleport time. JetBoom 2018-02-17T21:21:05-05:00
a2a97f93cb8e323108b52d6e0242486bbfbcdf8e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed Auto Reloader being priced at 50 points instead of 20... Raox2 2018-02-17T17:17:53Z
324716540f325474accac5c680fc02883891f1dd JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted how often floaters appear for healing players. Smart Targetting no longer affects non-medical dart weapons. Raox2 2018-02-17T16:45:52Z
61b60a308e758a8e135b52f25b8f4ebef2f42406 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the Stabber for real. For the 3rd time. Raox2 2018-02-17T16:36:19Z
1d8cd275317d39b4fd5324ba5f4a0a5ace0aa377 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed shotguns that consume multiple ammo per shot causing ammo values to become negative (Gladiator) Refactored Drone gameplay a bit. Split the drones into Combat Drones and Hauler Drones. Hauler Drone is a new unlock that replaces Hauling Module. A very fast, cheap drone that can pick up props and items but cannot attack. The regular drones (Gun and Pulse Drones) have lost the ability to pick up props, but have been made cheaper to compensate. Combat Drones will get some new functionality very soon. Raox2 2018-02-17T16:30:40Z
38669d52b8e0c779d13689885b004d3e3d2d10cf JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Slightly reduced the visual height of the Tickle Monster, as it doesn't align with its hitbox. Probably still a bit misaligned. Puke Pus now causes sickness instead of slow. Bloodlust now only applies the penalty if you have phantom health...Increased the penalty a bit. Refactored the Gluon variants into remantle variants. Removed the crafts for them. This is the first weapon to have 3 branches of remantling. You can now unlock purchasing CPU Parts with the crafting pack. Raox2 2018-02-16T23:24:54Z
698ce97ccb625c3d74e4b43b92300422eb16c12a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Might have a fixed a crash bug. Raox2 2018-02-16T17:48:31Z
351f2d918de0ae902ddf2d6e999bd1ba45d2b17f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made a few crappy bosses better and bosses in general do more damage. Poison is now 50/50 instant/dot instead of 40/60 and is rounded towards instant. Penetrating melee strikes now are reduced in damage less per target (from 20% each to 10%) and cap at 40% reduction rather than 50%. JetBoom 2018-02-16T11:13:08-05:00
dec98b6f591408eeb177ea97b0b2773f58d46a44 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted Blood Armor to work differently after the current under usage. Now splits the damage evenly across health and blood armor. Increasing your blood armor absorb % means blood armor takes more of the damage. This is in general a buff, but not nearly as good as it used to be. Made Gourmet a bit less mandatory. Now increases the time taken to eat food much more. Raox2 2018-02-15T23:44:09Z
560944ee52393dc4a87ef8e9650c303de2948172 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Magnets can no longer pull props. Was impractical. Raox2 2018-02-15T23:27:54Z
541d10962b091049f99b6d18590c1f0521f63a95 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fix the Stabber for real. Raox2 2018-02-14T19:38:57Z
1fb45296901fceda1ae684fe1eeb2f02b05cd16c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fix inventory scaling and uplift Scourer to be 1:1 with end of wave points. Raox2 2018-02-14T19:35:44Z
22436ac6685fd76d999eff67449c32d690b482d1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Tone down the threshold increase on patient zero. Raox2 2018-02-12T21:51:06Z
044b304311547b63c19eaebbda2302effcaae11f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Probably fixed being unable to nail prop to prop? Raox2 2018-02-11T21:55:06Z
b441d3bda1b5958feddec310219a1a0de246be50 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Minor fixes Raox2 2018-02-11T18:21:14Z
1beda2a5b5e7124af2c1389f5eddf9bbec818710 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Deleted old killicon Raox2 2018-02-11T16:33:43Z
57d537475e789b2527b8a866fbdfc58a6869a962 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased the radius of proximity mines. Added the Automated Reloader trinket. Fixed some medical weapons trying to lock or heal players with frail. Refactored some explosive weapon code. Fixed some explosive weapons not receiving radius or damage multipliers. Killicons for weapons. Raox2 2018-02-11T16:33:03Z
d80a47d2a7205826973313e18776aa80cfc38c99 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the penalties associated with Smart Targetting and Reclaimable Solution in terms of medic gun fire delay. Made the magnitude of Concentrated Effects buff and debuff more prevalent. Antigen now slightly reduces max health, but has more blood armor damage reduction. Reinforced Hull now has it's missing manhack speed penalty. Turret Lock is now only 90% of the angle instead of 95%. Turret Overload is now a reduction to turret range instead of turret health. Adjusted the appearance of Juggernaut projectiles to be less bright. Fixed lua error. Added some unique trinkets, and a use for CPU Parts. Raox2 2018-02-10T22:12:24Z
12c7e497cc74acd1cbc5157586e8977164e41df9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Couple more variants since they're easy enough to add. Raox2 2018-02-10T19:37:09Z
48ff318f9fc939924ab6acad0f82ab2db4afd548 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted the healing ray effect and Hephaestus variant. Fixed force fields and various other entities being behind a prop you're trying to nail causing you to be unable to nail. Buying a Carpenter's Hammer will only give you 5 nails instead of 15. Reduced the price of nails in the arsenal from 5 -> 4 to compensate. Raox2 2018-02-10T19:19:03Z
cb07b1a85be092274c37eb4ad321031866d1beda JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the worth values of Cameras and Message Beacons. Made cameras cheaper in the arsenal. Zombies below the threshold for patient zero should now always receive it (fixing a few edge conditions). The threshold for patient zero slightly increases each wave. Increased the range of pulse drone projectiles. Patient Zero zombies now take slightly less damage from bullets, but a bit more damage from melee. Raox2 2018-02-10T18:30:48Z
521eddcade97eedbf798ae8b7d204cebc3d04b4a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made remantling melee, and making a weapon perfected easier. Increased the movement speed of Giga Gore Child and the frequency of throwing babies. It also loses less speed while performing a cry attack. Raox2 2018-02-08T22:01:37Z
af09fa68ce5ac947e211b900e1456b61c745e2ae JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fix exploit Raox2 2018-02-08T19:20:42Z
4799fd682da87c5159673a4ffdc50d4b2751720f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new medical weapon: 'Rejuvenator' Healing Ray for 125 points. Very effective at healing, but costly to purchase. Has limited stock. Raox2 2018-02-08T19:08:40Z
3da98b37e863c6821aaef0e70cee3b085965f5ad JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Tau Cannon, Meat Hook variants...and a new melee trinket. Raox2 2018-02-07T22:34:46Z
e1571a4357da365e151326a2b7534380c12dc153 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Transparency radius now affects some deployables, such as manhacks, turrets and drones. Raox2 2018-02-07T21:06:21Z
41baed40bc4321604604a5d640f22f2fffc9d5dd JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Aggressively optimised the skill tree. Nodes outside of the camera view will no longer render. Should improve FPS massively. Raox2 2018-02-06T17:58:37Z
049a4804d45a520f52e312eb4d1b7f9bc9d6b240 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added Bulwark variant. Zeus now slows zombies from electricity and is considered a pulse weapon (can proc resonance), but slightly reduced the base damage. Increased Gluon damage a tiny bit since it's obnoxiously hard to aim now. Not even close to where it once was. Is statistically the worst Tier 5 and probably still will be. Raox2 2018-02-05T20:59:19Z
607c3882828940f9c6102898583a575a8bf70dbb JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made objective maps play better with new zombie movement speeds. Raox2 2018-02-05T20:18:54Z
6fc82b54e94e483993ddd98103ddbd41c992782d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted alt remantle colours and fixed buff duration bonuses not working on remantles. Raox2 2018-02-05T19:42:13Z
3e26569d567939f3fdf417f4b1b78fae73d0eb6e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet The Purger Antidote Pistol now moves further, has a larger hitbox, fires faster, uses less ammo, and has a larger clip. You can now empty medical guns. Reordered the trinkets in the worth menu by price. The clip size increase shown on the medic gun is now properly proportionate to how many shots it is actually increased by. Remantling now shows you the breakdown result of a weapon clientside instead of asking the server for it. Added the Defender Shot variant of the Strength Shot. Raox2 2018-02-05T19:29:35Z
eb91fe85da5f3664e672510e63a96b298154f067 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Enabled dismantling on most items that had it disabled, since most of them are now much more accessible in terms of cost. Raox2 2018-02-04T23:04:51Z
1ec1605fea67201d744d29dea23283c499de822b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added explosive damage tapering to the Barrage. Increased the base damage to compensate from 29 -> 34. There will be more adjustments to the barrage later. A few code changes to Flesh Creepers to prepare for zombie constructions (flesh turrets and the like) Raox2 2018-02-04T14:48:41Z
25c2c0c1ff933972044ddb3d199d67de5a770cb8 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Players with frail now have a bluer/purpler medical aura. Raox2 2018-02-04T14:08:40Z
48da14ae0fa52f5ebdc60172342d9ba9545dfeb3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet You now gain points for the damage you protect players with by using the Medic Rifle. The ratio is the same as the healing ratio. Increased the protection provided by the medic rifle and it's duration. Added indicators for when you buff a player with a status. Healing over 5HP will now display the healing message on your screen rather than as a floater. Fixed the Medic Rifle/Strength Rifle not showing the player hit by the darts that they've been boosted. Raox2 2018-02-04T13:50:52Z
1f92b0c403bfd49bed5c4f963a52a5fbb8d6c620 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Refactored fist code to not have as much code duplication. Fixed some code mistakes in previous commits Added a new Tier 4 fist weapon. Fixed the sound of fists hitting something overriding the swing sound. Raox2 2018-02-04T13:11:02Z
913254a377fb56344a3514523daee47639367d4c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Try making Boxing Training Manual proc per human instead of zombie to see if it actually makes it useful. Raox2 2018-02-03T21:54:12Z
d64e33d9d5fbf0a12b78bf10eb0b67fcbdf20dd8 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added temp kill icon. Raox2 2018-02-03T21:40:02Z
4f9d8410e3c8943d6190f9742776f3aaa6331733 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted Quasar and added a variant for it. Made Lacerator pounce velocity not insane. Approaching sigils/arsenals/deployables will dim the icon indicator if you're near them. Raox2 2018-02-03T21:39:14Z
f6041cba28931fb6bfd74c84756e053cf3592c31 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Some skill changes on the back of skills players aren't using so much: Glutton is no longer affected by healing received multipliers like from Bloodlust. Only food recovery multipliers affect the blood armor gained. Reduced the penalty of Haemostasis from -13hp -> -7 and made it only use 2 blood armor instead of 3. Sugar Rush now works on all food items, but gives you -35% to food recovery amount. Agile's jumping power has been increased. Swapped the downsides on Field Amplifier. Now provides reduced delay for reduced range. Reduced the downsides of Sure Step, Intrepid and Cardiotonic. Raox2 2018-02-02T23:28:51Z
2f889de99294c5371bfb102d378b77250156a020 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Eminence base damage increased from 49 -> 59 and radius increased. Adjusted Amigo variant to be reliant on headshots. Made the Crackler variant deal a bit more damage but lose more fire rate. Made the Magnum variant have less harsh of a penalty. Peashooter variant accuracy decreased. Quasar and Renegade damage both increased by roughly the same amount. Depict alternate remantle branches with different killicons. Raox2 2018-02-02T20:16:18Z
e355105922a537f0ac2c3bf3001a96bf38fa1366 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made remantling confirmations serverside. This should prevent issues where the remantler would de-sync and you wouldn't be able to upgrade your weapon until you switched back. Fixed dismantling being broken. Raox2 2018-02-02T19:30:19Z
7a467497209a96a52eb97e5504442d15250e9f05 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reprocessing (with a trinket) food now grants you the same amount of medical power as it would if you had Gourmet (x2). Food doesn't require a medical tool to use, hence destroying the food is not worthwhile. Raox2 2018-01-29T22:14:21Z
88d71bdc5538ba8d88765ea2e075293d4985f4c6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased the damage of all slug weapons, as they're underperforming. Made the Glock remantle variant a bit better. Made the Hunter remantle more consistent and better overall. Inferno variant chance to ignite reduced. Added Tithonus and Shredder variants. Fixed dismantling variant weapons not giving you the component. Raox2 2018-01-29T22:01:13Z
bd9efe8c75aee6855138d7cca5054da8c5e3daf4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made the trinket purchase menus order by subcategory instead of tiers. Raox2 2018-01-28T18:01:22Z
9502193721cbc9d0a67bcaa44076e586e5ba6b94 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made blaster turrets less accurate, and gun turrets more accurate. Prop health with now only adjust if said prop has 50% repairs left. Added new Tier 3 craft, has no kill icon yet. Raox2 2018-01-28T15:47:13Z
e72ab82f141c96213be980e2634876e842f7bd28 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Trinkets/components can now be crafted in the crafting system. You can now use an inventory item to craft with, instead of a weapon. Added the Electromagnet recipe. Combine a electrobattery and magnet to get a significantly more powerful magnet. Magnets now cause you to automatically pick up items if they're near by, and you've got it equipped. Raox2 2018-01-27T11:58:09Z
b84bc6d4b744da3b0719db748923264ba7a3c4b6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed zombies on objective maps. Raox2 2018-01-25T21:36:42Z
c56e2e362688877a8237955212ca1ccd8bc90509 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Frotchet is supposed to be a Tier 5 melee. Unshitted it a bit. Tier 4 melees were performing better. Raox2 2018-01-25T21:01:57Z
a314fe018ed6bd6b078626991b83b098299690bb JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted the names of some variables to read a bit more nicely. Adjusted the base fire rate of the peashooter to be 0.2, and made the variant use the faster fire rate of 0.15. Fixed the variant not getting an accuracy penalty. Changed the description on the Medic Gun to state that it speed boosts players. Reduced base damage on the Incendiary Inferno. Reduced the accuracy of the Birdshot Annabelle. Increased the fire rate of the Precision Amigo. Raox2 2018-01-25T19:59:49Z
36933624d951f7e6c83bbb130613e26927664bbd JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Magnum variant now gets accuracy bonus on rebound. Adjusted Typhoon damage. Added Charon, Waraxe, Hunter variants. Fixed Executioner and Reaper not using the correct MaxHealth function. Raox2 2018-01-24T22:02:30Z
cf304a17e489cd7a3b851250e74b526621b103f4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Probably fixed Absolver for real. Raox2 2018-01-24T20:17:13Z
d867a3548a1246230d41eb2b7a01de4cbc3e1994 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the name of the Quicksilver being too long, and made the Uzi variant more interesting. Raox2 2018-01-23T20:05:25Z
cdae22cceabeaecc0d2f5f9e30cafadb2f4604e1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjust Gluon effects slightly, adjusted Glock remantle description, potentially fixed Absolver (too fast?), removed print line from debugging. Raox2 2018-01-23T19:49:11Z
33b766af2489f443b23e8408f877e0a541571f2d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Small fix Raox2 2018-01-22T21:10:06Z
df74454aa662b667afd83366202b9d24bbe0f044 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed med kits Raox2 2018-01-22T20:54:14Z
512b5c59ea01e1780c34777e7e445c0d82230eb8 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the Cryogenic Inductor trinket. Raox2 2018-01-21T18:51:46Z
421ab6ce6665bfdcb5e695a33cff405a19c8911b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added Slinger and Stubber remantle variants. Reworked the interface on the arsenal crate, remantler and worth menu. Now uses a grid system which displays the image much more prominently. There are now tier selectors for weapons, allowing you to select the tier of weapon/melee/trinket you're looking for (since that's how most people spend their points) Trinkets now display their category on the trinket button themselves. Raox2 2018-01-21T13:20:11Z
c1691806f5b191c5898fc06ffe74556cd6c6eeae JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Medic Rifle now has a strength shot variant. Raox2 2018-01-20T11:38:37Z
dd28cb75d5085b3fa10f25b9340faf5b976d1751 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Slightly increased the range which arsenals can be used from. Prevents cases where you can open the arsenal but not buy from it. Raox2 2018-01-20T11:01:16Z
2e0976f6364ad5709afc3133708ae40cbecb2dc5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Invalidate based on server positions, should prevent instances of zombie hitting people across rooms with high ping Raox2 2018-01-20T10:47:58Z
385a9bd4d95cd67104e0b9c3e6786e5f518a97a4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted Power Gauntlet and Boxing Training Manual. Boxing Training Manual no longer applies stun, but applies a generic leg and arm damage effect once the threshold is reached. It now also reduces your base unarmed swing time slightly. Power Gauntlet now always receives a damage increase from consective hits, which now culuminates at +45% maximum, then resets back to 0%. Removed Hull Sizes from Gluon, Tau Cannon and Cosmos. Causes very easy braindead hit detection (traceHull shouldn't ever be really used in predicted hooks, apparently). Gluon and variants damage increased very slightly to compensate. Adjusted Typhoon variant of the Hurricane Raox2 2018-01-20T10:37:13Z
86f6944f226245270fbfc162cec90bf1bddda943 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet oversight Raox2 2018-01-19T22:41:33Z
a0e395951991152c3897c45f4b1efca3c5c4f107 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed breaking props not showing messages in console. Fixed some player models turning into other players models on death. Raox2 2018-01-19T20:15:27Z
9c4105cac892490ecfe12ba09d1a9c659997ae54 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added Medical Kit and Peashooter variant. Thin out the difference between Eradicators and Poison Zombies. Reduced the health of Eradicators, but increased the health of Poison Zombies. Poison Zombies have a larger head box. Should make the difference between wave 5 and 6 less jaring. Raox2 2018-01-18T19:24:44Z
c35995cd1935bea21f10ca0d628ab563f835c4e7 JetBoom/noxiousrpg Remove monster system. Remake item networking. Major rework of networking item objects. Not done/tested yet. JetBoom 2018-01-18T08:29:34-05:00
ecc97e0c4fa1735c64abe79463ad4f509a49e3eb JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet You may now reset your skills once per week if you're above level 10. This refunds all SP you've spent. You do not lose any XP, levels or remorts. Raox2 2018-01-17T22:02:12Z
22ce6c8f0a5186da5abf698bd6d173c8bf55342a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet The tick damage of hooks and harpoons has been increased. Added a remantle variant/branch for every basic T2 gun. Raox2 2018-01-17T19:52:47Z
f8a99051daccb93609a856d46b47e5a6f238160d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Master Chef is now a 1 in 9 chance to proc instead of 1 in 14. Was currently a really underused and unviable skill. Added a lot of alternate remantle branch weapons. Some of them are distinct enough to feel like completely different weapons altogether. Raox2 2018-01-16T21:22:23Z
e0fec4367237db767312c11815401154ea20b805 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the basis of remantle branches. Some weapons will be able to have alternate branches to remantle into, such as slug rounds for shotguns. Mostly working, maybe a few bugs that need ironing out. Not caught them yet. A few test branches, such as slug weapons and incendiary weapons, are working. Made the remantle interface somewhat larger to accomodate the new branches. Raox2 2018-01-14T18:54:59Z
a8cd7df7b47f77ef94def06dcd6b69cbff1825ff JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Underperfoming weapon adjustments Adjusted the remantle bonuses on most T2 weapons significantly. They should now perform much better if you invest them, as they should, during the late game, making them viable choices. Aspirant has a 3 round burst instead of 5 to make it a bit easier to control. Made it much more accurate and deals a bit more damage. Fracture damage increased from 12 -> 13, increased accuracy and decreased reload time, no reason to use this over the sawn off right now. The Mega Masher can now be dismantled. Changed the Tempest model. It is now automatic. Stabber was performing very terribly. Damage increased from 52 -> 61 (which is still much less than annabelle), melee damage increased from 38 -> 45. Alternate attack delay made faster. Raox2 2018-01-14T12:55:45Z
c727adb057c428bb1dad89b9901bf493a4664278 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed being able to detonate other players ASMD combos Raox2 2018-01-12T23:57:56Z
0ad2766aeef5c39eda293834f3e23c62fe624c9c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed zombies gettiing buffs in ZE when they shouldn't Raox2 2018-01-12T00:26:07Z
4636419d5eac22edce509752aba62f79654f30ac JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the 3D hud ammo on Onyx and Renegade Raox2 2018-01-11T22:09:34Z
7842d8c006422c8c0d886025a9c23d525c0c20cf JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fists now appear last in slot 1 Raox2 2018-01-11T21:53:13Z
f4d12d128aecd5b5d982344564a01779420fc585 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Worth menu price adjustments Normalised prices of guns at 45 worth, since pistols are now pretty viable T1 starter weapons for transitioning to a T2. Normalised Axe price from 45 -> 40 to compete with other melee weapons. Medic Gun now more viable than before so worth price increased from 50 -> 55. Antidote Shot and Strength Shot are very niche so made them more accessible, reduced their worth cost to 40. Worth values of turrets decreased from 85 -> 75 but decreased their starting ammo. Zapper price reduced from 85 -> 75 as it has very low starting ammo in comparison. Targeting Visor made 20 -> 15 worth. Flash Bombs are now 15 worth, people hardly started with these. Cryo Gas grenades are now 40 worth from 45, people hardly started with these. Sigil Fragments are now 35 worth to 25 worth, one use item that's not game changing unlike... Corrupted Fragments, which are bought way more often. Increased their worth price from 35 to 45. Medic Cloud Bomb worth price increased from 20 ->25 Nanite Cloud Bomb worth price decreased from 35 -> 25 rarely taken, put in line with it's counterpart. Stun Baton was rarely taken, so made it deal more damage and gain a remantle bonus which increases leg damage. Cleared up the description on it. Raox2 2018-01-11T21:40:13Z
145cc7fc04e3e07dd37617caa29c8a87f8323f9b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Small tweaks Fixed the Enkindler igniting things it shouldn't, increased the chance for it to ignite. Reworded the description of Bloodshot Bombs and some melee weapons. The Rebar Mace's stagger effect has been made more significant. Raox2 2018-01-11T19:48:12Z
24b4d944f2109b1263ba796fdf08390a4c3b59ab JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Unnailing a prop will now adjust the health of the prop itself Unnailing a prop will now set that props health to be lower if it had less barricade health remaining. Prevents unnailing a couch to use it's 1000 HP Raox2 2018-01-11T19:25:33Z
5a2c28dc8911cae9c541317ecdc3026be55874bc JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed some statuses not showing Fixed some statuses like strength shot and med dart boost not showing Fixed Assault Turrets not doing the damage they're supposed to Raox2 2018-01-11T19:09:50Z
feb1a4742d36fe3fb37a1485f61a4f255055c6fc JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fix stock limits on Renegade and fix end board Raox2 2018-01-08T19:00:25Z
9d1c2545a0f9c123ef030eaff387b72af1460794 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet oversight Raox2 2018-01-08T17:38:40Z
fdcc4bd18bb3e05f837c3f12e29ae5a8314fb1d4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased the font size of the timers in the status area, and made them less transparent. The screen effect on sigil corruption no longer occurs. Raox2 2018-01-08T17:31:08Z
eb0561096912068b8aaf4d09c9653994715cdecd JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made the remorting notification, more prominent, louder and noticeable to other players. Raox2 2018-01-07T16:48:47Z
613198ff8153f1e5512d30756b1b7428aa6dbe03 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made the text at the end of round screen larger for who has won/lost. Adjusted the apperance of the end of round screen in general. Added a new honourable mention for headshot kills. Raox2 2018-01-07T16:35:09Z
1004d194fe5b4eaa991599e8ca5627ec9de67f9f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjust an internal timer for spawning on a sigil to try preventing a possible glitch with sigil physics not resetting. Raox2 2018-01-07T13:25:54Z
76a4f1f96ababc7be1d298eac73083e2a37e0986 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Projectiles no longer collide with manhacks/drones/rollermines. (except hyena bombs) Raox2 2018-01-07T02:18:34Z
2c90a47524c5b60829b78041e4cbf002e34169c6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Small fix. Raox2 2018-01-06T23:33:04Z
12b9b135b28feea8c89d62157bde1c1d6cd69087 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a scope to the Aspirant. Increased the base damage from 24 -> 25, but made the delay between shots a bit longer. 30 clip size to 25. Battle Rifle damage increased from 20.5 -> 22.5, but made the delay between shots a lot longer. 30 clip size to 21. Trying the approach of making burst rifles focused on accuracy. Inferno clip size increased from 35 -> 40 to give it a bit more personality. Slug Rifle clip size increased from 4 -> 5. Push Broom really terrible T2 melee, increased the damage from 48 -> 53. Decreased Amigo damage from 18.5 -> 19. Has high damage for the fast accurate output. Glock accuracy increased a fair amount, since it's not used so much. Gladiator damage increased from 13.125 -> 14. Not often used and low stats. Eminence base damage increased from 44 -> 49 and projectile damage ratio slightly increased. Gimmick weapon. Increased the damage on Slingshot Zombie main attacks (since they're a bit slower). Decreased the delay from turning into a Slingshot to a Torso. Increased the damage on the Torso from 16 -> 20. Adjusted the corruption effects. Raox2 2018-01-06T23:30:23Z
591551c3238732db6d9cf0a28cfd8426f98b59a4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Moved the location of the new status icons out of the kill icons folder. Changed the bonus of clip size on the Magnum to fire rate. Using this as my test bed to see if perfected T2s can be made into viable late game weapons. Raox2 2018-01-06T16:09:46Z
81c8177350963537e93305d3c7d6f8d0f446c5ef JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Zombies who've hit a barricade recently now get the extra leg damage from crouch jumping. Prevents basically unhittable crouch jumping zombies. It remains the same outside, where zombies won't get slowed down. Arc Zapper damage increased from 42 -> 55, should be more worthwhile. Reduced the arc radius of the Zeus from 95 to 65. Raox2 2018-01-05T18:41:00Z
c09350985d0b36e1af7b209084d059e45249c7da JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Another small adjustment. Raox2 2018-01-03T22:03:52Z
6865265a81e98e257a4aad509cf6309e9fa41145 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Small sound adjustment. Raox2 2018-01-03T21:49:06Z
c1b63d1d3c1e1e7f6568286e0abce00c2d643c70 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Improved skeletal resistances to none bullet damage (34% -> 55%). Bullet damage resist is still a bit higher. Melee remains at 0% Raox2 2018-01-03T21:44:31Z
e081f501ddee344009b0dd26c2d15a46e89bf51b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made the Patient Zero buff a bit stronger. Raox2 2018-01-02T23:20:41Z
acbea27ebc87983e7da8493f6eeb7f0868eee25f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the points from resupplies by 0.25 to 0.2. Reworked the Eminence, it now groups the projectiles more tightly together in a unique formation. Raox2 2018-01-02T21:02:14Z
725a9ac7f526ed9868b0b16907106ea2d2b7471f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Drone aiming angles slightly increased again. Drones are easy to hit again and creeper nests are really, really easy to make. They also don't destroy them quickly. Force field emitter lua adjustment (but probably is fixed already, just needs server update) Added healing bonuses to remantled medical weapons. Clarified the description on "medical gun effectiveness" to "medical tool effectiveness" Raox2 2018-01-02T19:53:36Z
1dc7d2c8107410ca5806ff33e850d047daece7a1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Brought up the damage of Assault Turrets from 17 -> 21. Still less a T4 assault rifle. Brought up damage of Rocket Turrets from 92 -> 97. Added a secondary remantle bonus to turrets - spread. -50% roughly for Perfected ones. Raox2 2017-12-31T21:29:38Z
44f78915cde04c327f2f0254184f1e43c1c2d28f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the damage of Corrosive Gas Grenades from 16 -> 13. Make the stock of Corrosive Gas Grenades and Cryo Gas Grenades equal at 6. Raox2 2017-12-31T21:15:28Z
06c134950504a3086063447c446a95f6d5bb9dc3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet The Colossus now automatically reloads like the Hunter rifle. You can now press R to fix a "stuck" Hunter or Colossus. Raox2 2017-12-31T21:06:12Z
0d4e10b31397b0c1e42851a9e423357624275736 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted Renegade sound. Fixed objects like drones, impact mines and gun turrets not having their spread be properly randomised. You'll almost certainly notice this. Made the starter trinkets significantly more worthwhile, other than being gimmick items. Raox2 2017-12-31T19:07:59Z
4bda32f3f1ba18a7e8d25ff91301cb10bd6c5bc6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Stock limits on message beacons. Raox2 2017-12-30T22:12:05Z
fa0e010139696ea78107c2625c4abcec333173d0 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Sigil corruption messages and effects are now more menacing and larger. Raox2 2017-12-30T16:05:00Z
ff4d62148b326189cab87c70c83265ec52d02925 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Small, clientside micro-optimisations. Raox2 2017-12-30T15:19:01Z
36b34babe96f7e29237b3814c1a3dbc682c64e53 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Some code cleanup. Removed the old crafting system entirely. Removed references to dragging props (not relevant since all humans are now Muscular by default). Raox2 2017-12-30T14:32:39Z
8eb79dc51bffdcf41f131506bc7db240b54715b6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet The Colossus no longer loses as much damage piercing through zombies. Added new Tier 4 - "Renegade" Rifle. Gains a damage resistance penetration buff if you get enough headshot kills with it. 5.56 ammo is now called Assault Rifle ammo globally. Increased the health penalty on Sanguine from 6 to 9. Raox2 2017-12-29T18:54:00Z
0d219875701f6701293b1c2acbfab343d3b4b4e0 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added missing killicons for recently added zombie classes. Raox2 2017-12-29T15:29:37Z
cdf164aa8f8b50d8c967b1e6815011c4ff2f4295 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted the code around firing bullets, small optimisations. Allow clients to fire traces again for prediction if they need to - client will use the correct randomisation spread until next actual shot as proven here - https://i.imgur.com/DAT8yyf.png In short words, this might improve hit registration. Don't check if the worldspawn entity has a fakehitbox (where most bullets will hit), was a performance bottleneck (FProfiler) Raox2 2017-12-29T13:17:30Z
21e5d3ca3491771464c93f09df4633a4aab46e80 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the delay on using the remantler if your remantler has scrap in it. Raox2 2017-12-28T23:05:52Z
e58ea6c2902483b36c954698abb47a289fc421e3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Your draw speed now affects how quickly you switch from being ironsighted in terms of your movement speed. A bit of code cleaning. Flesh Creeper nests now have smaller hitboxes. Raox2 2017-12-28T23:03:35Z
3e42e0ac915df1ad9a9f6855f7ad1cc0ac020629 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed an issue where players would sometimes spawn in as a zombie. Raox2 2017-12-28T16:04:41Z
a76275718e23a545506fc267dc7a16c0a4e38a7f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Zeus damage: 62 -> 54, reload speed: 0.85 -> 0.8 Raox2 2017-12-27T21:19:14Z
b5e79ec77edb27276be3d6aa776c727d730c9466 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet clientside lua obsfucation making it a nightmare to debug things. probably fixed for good now. Raox2 2017-12-27T20:47:03Z
f666f009621ec55515581d2e368cdb1073ca8b9c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Changed out the status bars for for brand new status icons above your health bar. Raox2 2017-12-27T20:28:05Z
9debc8ae5caa65e49f1db2a5daa5eb179c82b279 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted VGUI width code. Made some VGUIs a bit wider. Raox2 2017-12-27T19:45:38Z
0d26dc8cf56ea148464cef039a93b022b06d1e0c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Shouldn't happen...but just incase... Raox2 2017-12-27T15:22:49Z
b9d5ad4e592ffdb5ec07c25b360457ef6e63bd2f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed prediction issues on Tormented Wraith. Raox2 2017-12-27T15:04:04Z
a36134254af83f36f9873d73b2a54d59a36ed0ec JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a lua error and cleaned up some code. Raox2 2017-12-27T14:42:45Z
2d7f7a95d6c8c006672b6816a9bb437b863dc1c6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the Tier on Anti Toxin Package, Hemostasis Implant, Extended Magazine, Targeting Unifer, Refined Subscope. Raox2 2017-12-24T14:48:29Z
8d8d4cc713283e77ca9f810145c38862bc69a04a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Tithonus now has a slight arc to the projectiles. Reduced Zeus damage from 104 -> 62 (base damage), but now uses 1 ammo instead of 2. Reloads faster. Adjusted the apperance and effects a lot. Has higher projectile velocity and a long arc. Adjusted Tithonus, Nova Blaster, and Spinfusor effects a bit. Raox2 2017-12-24T13:45:07Z
e96bf8da1ed0505c1aa1c6302454b85502e93717 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Whoops. Raox2 2017-12-24T12:40:26Z
605e5aa99045abd53b9460b943aee272a47289be JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased the maximum width of the Arsenal Menu. Raox2 2017-12-24T12:38:40Z
67e6a2ffa9e6418c31a669a2a85a45a37e152f0e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Trying out a few minor adjustments to phasing. Raox2 2017-12-24T12:30:37Z
73e41dc0b4c93938769cc27fb8a81d83eb854bce JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed force field emitters again..I think. Fixed deployable messages not having the correct kill icon. Increased the point ratio on force field emitters a bit, to make them lucrative. Raox2 2017-12-23T20:10:22Z
6d73c20aa16d436bf37ace0a30b50913dfe8821b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Make sure Tempest fits inline with pistol changes, didn't need to be nerfed. Raox2 2017-12-23T16:07:32Z
f2981795633fbce6d90c58430f7a6e006a20a7b6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added and adjusted descriptions on a bunch of weapons. Fracture spread between bullets now scales with the cone size. Gale Storm fire rate decreased a bit. Magnum accuracy bonus from remantling increased, and also gave it a remantle clip size bonus. Meat Tenderizer was the ugly duckling of Tier 3 melee weapons. Gave it a little less range, but faster swing speed and less movement speed penalty. Gave the Noxious Ghoul a fixed spread pattern of poison, and made it throw a bit more poison. The Silencer now hides your aura (silenced weapon). Fixed Extended Magazine on weapons with exactly 8 clip. The round timers for when the doors appear have been reduced to 45 seconds from 60. Too much time wasted here sometimes. Raox2 2017-12-23T15:14:49Z
d762261c7381e0e01d0723ca54521811dbb768a7 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjusted zombie speed and buffs in line with how objective maps work. Objective maps are pretty unplayable due to the patient zero buff, so zombies no longer get this. Raox2 2017-12-22T22:26:55Z
4262e69b49a4dc844b963cb0c248bf6af9b39dbe JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased the minimum spacing for placement of resupply boxes. Small code refactor. Raox2 2017-12-22T22:05:32Z
a9bb72c183fa1af2f9d4f5b9fc5ca5dcc38c268e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Prevented buffed wraiths from slowing players. Raox2 2017-12-22T21:56:37Z
27eb76b4a548fbb5652b70c6bf255fdda39215fe JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased the duration of the Bloodshot Bomb boost from 6 -> 8 seconds. Fixed Slingshot Zombie weapon name. Slingshot zombies no longer lose as much health when pouncing. Moved Slingshot Zombies to Wave 2. Increased the health of Slingshot Zombies to 180. Increased their points to 5. Slightly decreased their speed. Majorly increased the maximum health of Slingshot Zombie Torsos (from 85 -> 140). Increased their point value also. Chargers now have a shorter charge starting delay, shorter charge time, and shorter time until they start knocking down players. Chargers are now available on Wave 4 (where they are actually useful). Increased the health of Chargers from 300 -> 350, and increased their point value. Humans now spawn on random sigils instead of Sigil A. Decreased the worth value of drones from 75 -> 65. Decreased the worth value of magnets from 30 -> 15. Decreased the price of Bloodshot Bomb from 55 -> 45. Decreased the price of Detonation Packs from 50 -> 40, since limited stock and are harder to use. Decreased the price of Nanite Cloud bombs from 45 -> 40 (same as med bomb). Decreased the price of Cryo Gas Grenades from 50 -> 45 (same as gas grenade) Raox2 2017-12-22T20:53:41Z
f45aa57329386bb509f44c4a4cc17f64284b653a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed players getting a few extra points when they shouldn't. Raox2 2017-12-22T14:17:05Z
ea4b7fd9030a20a48fc9a67ea7caeeb60f2aeb4f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reverted drone hitboxes to the less buggy ones. Gave them a little more health to compensate. Raox2 2017-12-22T14:01:01Z
6d20c9c6090e1cde732008439f20da6698292778 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increase pulse drone damage a bit. Controllable deployables no longer block explosions (so you can put Hyena mines on them) Raox2 2017-12-22T13:52:01Z
0e8b1b02cb5a54d0b00c56f54f82aca7efed3fb3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Rollermine hit delay increased from 0.45 seconds to 1.15 seconds. Raox2 2017-12-22T13:23:33Z
ee2fd4cb0038aa2a84fbeb82526a91cc8f9adff0 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed Resonance Cascade Device trinket not working. Raox2 2017-12-21T22:21:43Z
1a75ef7c1b863328bc791f260419ad6faff2987a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fuck's sake. Raox2 2017-12-21T13:37:17Z
43fc8e7acc93a38cd766597b1034c1d7bbef0928 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed more shit code mistakes Raox2 2017-12-21T02:27:35Z
792a486c89b12f09721d4f6de202bfb050bc780d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet More adjustments. Raox2 2017-12-20T16:39:12Z
ba0bac0985bf19b604842baecbac627ea243900b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Recoded a major part of the Splinter code. Should work pretty nicely now. Forces you to reload to 2 shells. (In future, avoid using timers for any predicted stuff.) Raox2 2017-12-20T16:25:05Z
1d528a9dd3d23d3b5dc113292d8ed80b39464216 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed Taut's penalty not working. Fixed an issue with the logic around prop carrying slow multipliers. Raox2 2017-12-20T12:54:44Z
2c590ab59a6a525a45513c2a60ee80d878e735b6 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Revert status changes until icons made. Raox2 2017-12-20T01:58:04Z
b6182ca2c45c943fc1e7d32861fdf6a546b47f51 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added messages for when your trinkets are recharged. Raox2 2017-12-20T01:25:11Z
1db1354c94ac5e8a84a4afa7865bcbe2644730c7 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet ASMD is now much more accurate and akin to it's homage. Sped up Tau Cannon charge time. No one used the alt fire. Raox2 2017-12-20T00:53:47Z
475d19b61ae6c5f2fab636451813994d0acd9e38 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Clean up + fixed fast zombies not causing view shake Raox2 2017-12-19T20:56:31Z
e773519a945c5c727bbeeed9c7010550228d015e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Sort of work in progress health bar and status bar changes. Replaced the old health model with a proper health bar. There is now also a blood armor bar. Status indicators are now squares that deplete. They will have icons (which aren't made yet) Added strength boost, speed/med dart boost, defence and reaper stack indicators to the list of the statuses that appear. Fixed Haemostasis not working against Tremors. Raox2 2017-12-19T19:58:40Z
7963f791b5fa065baed9834222d944f363395521 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a magnet lua error. Removed redundant inventory code. You can now make medical ammo and nails in a remantler. Fixed a few minor interface issues. Raox2 2017-12-19T16:15:16Z
cee9a742d7100934bf2a4b2dc0777ce4d530a980 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increase the damage of a couple of less used weapons. Battle Rifle damage: 20 -> 20.5 (is a Tier 3?) Fracture damage: 11 -> 12 (rarely used, pitiful damage) Nova Colt damage: 74 -> 77. Overshadowed since pistol ammo adjustments. Onyx damage: 83.5 -> 86.5, fire delay decreased from 1.1 -> 1. Broadside damage: 110 -> 107. High source of explosive damage. Barrage accuracy minimum decreased. High source of explosive damage. Slinger projectile velocity increased by 15% roughly. Made Bloodsucker Headcrabs have the same recovery as Fast Headcrabs for attacks, instead of being a downgrade. They now also deal instant damage instead of all bleed. Devourer health: 1400 -> 1600, since it just gets melted. Adjusted the zombie spawn buff since zombies have the patient zero buff now. Raox2 2017-12-18T18:39:14Z
3a6c299130100de96220c325bbb89f60a8b85fe1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced the arsenal cost of certain types of tools in the arsenal. Mainly things like the medical tools (including medic rifle, now 55 points). No reason for these to be expensive for support players when you can start with them, these players make hardly any points and they're tier 1 items mostly. Raox2 2017-12-18T11:54:51Z
400befc8c62b377e5c1fe7c8bff196c947dc34ac JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reorder the ammo in the worth menu. Put controllables in the deployables tab. Adjust a few descriptions. Raox2 2017-12-18T11:14:06Z
a3668465f7af2929d0e7eb1b4a8aa0e53cc53a20 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced health on Wisp, increased maximum speed but decreased acceleration. Should make it easier to track. Raox2 2017-12-18T10:47:21Z
4d737e21ca37e480c5a3f5a6bc27d624cc46080b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made the Splinter use the shotgun base for reloading. Added the Extended Magazine trinket. Raox2 2017-12-17T21:08:39Z
c1b7e9019ab9ab84ea393ba02d421478023b0a6f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Gluon hull size decreased for all variants. Increased Muon range a tiny bit. Raox2 2017-12-17T13:55:21Z
3701c310b1eb51a21d2c49df7f83d601094bb138 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Halved wisp acceleration. Increased the cooldown between attacks. Very slightly increased door HP. Ensured medical points per health is 8 (as set in the default, it reverted back 10). This has been done because point multipliers have been removed. Reprocessor Trinket now gives full food value. Raox2 2017-12-17T10:58:22Z
465f055d4aef8148ccb456f28e7b859d8e900a75 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a sigil lua error. Raox2 2017-12-16T21:34:47Z
1ad264e024228ba9574f651efc5a499dedef257e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Increased the penalty on Hemophilia. Raox2 2017-12-16T21:28:39Z
fad585ec2d52bbe760f7922d3d8fab9435397a00 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Yeah Raox2 2017-12-16T21:15:45Z
828c85f5bef38a2c3d53a8891fb6448afa4ff4bb JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Refactor some code around deployable messages... Force field emitters now start with some pulse ammo. Slightly increased their price to compensate. Added a message if your deployable runs out of ammo. Remantled deployables should now be more clear in terms of deployable messages. Raox2 2017-12-16T13:04:32Z
a141a523541ffa27f88e24962374076a29238682 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the Antidote Shot in many ways. Doesn't waste shots on unaffected players, remantle bonus fixed. Made it have 4 clip size and fire faster. It is also now unaffected by medical dart modifiers. Added a sound to sprinting with Cardiotonic. Upped the speed boost a bit. Raox2 2017-12-16T11:40:15Z
a633b4ac46f47235a8cc4fd4c515f3c2d4773c6e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed Antidote Shot Lua error spam (why did no one tell me?) Raox2 2017-12-15T20:45:17Z
79ea6a583adaa4cc5666793c34303837ef98a485 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Made skills easier to read. Fixed being unable to pan to the top of the health tree. Made Scourer a little better. Raox2 2017-12-15T20:19:40Z
37c5c147035108201c7b059eeabc433074c5ff2f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reworded Preparedness and Alacrity a bit. Raox2 2017-12-15T20:11:24Z
8c301f631cdb9bc5c51e080b71c24baa0c3923aa JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Adjust gluon sway. Refactor a bit of code. Added Robust, reduces movement speed from heavy weapons very slightly. Sanguine adjusted. Backpeddler penalty massively reduced. Realistically anyone outside with this skill is going to get caught anyway. Needs to be a viable choice for players. Raox2 2017-12-15T20:08:46Z
1810e574f1592e7682142c88b5f5d49e100b9e10 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Now that late game DPS has been toned a lot on weapons, tone down Chem Burster damage from 42 -> 39. Radius also reduced a bit. Chem Bursters you only realistically get to see for a split second if they're around a corner. Raox2 2017-12-15T19:10:41Z
3ebffb2194c2ab9fddfd26ef746086f35a480d07 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed explosive weapons not giving explosive ammo when they should. Cannonball stats adjusted. Raox2 2017-12-14T23:11:18Z
58e6e9f5589e3e80fd11fd19293c8790ff49f692 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a bunch of microskills. They have small benefits and no downsides. None of them are really game breaking. Added Sanguine, increases your maximum blood armour but reduces maximum health. Handy, Surgeon and Biology have been split up a bit. Fixed skills that give you scrap to start with not working on a round restart. Raox2 2017-12-14T23:01:08Z
a8a7e11e3dc4b548df28b06b144831bc6824ef89 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed owens ammo Raox2 2017-12-11T22:31:02Z
182633c7008e8917b94cada20320cda362aaaf16 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a lua error with force fields. Increase the damage of starter turrets by 10%, they are a little bit bad. Keeping the health the same so they are easy to destroy near spawns. Raox2 2017-12-11T22:17:13Z
1504248c711475c8430e7fa98f58fe560688cf1c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new skill: Concentrated Effect. Very slightly increases your explosive damage but reduces explosive radius. Cannonball has -20% projectile speed but +3% projectile damage. Orphic Focus's penalty to not ironsighting has been reduced to 110%. The reload penalty is now -5% instead of -10%. Wooism's ironsighting penalty is now -25% from -40%. Soft Detonation's explosive damage radius penalty is now only -10%. Sure Step's penalty to movement speed is now -5 and the slow effectiveness reduction has been increased. Intrepid's movement speed penalty is now halved. Fixed a few weapons not showing damage numbers in the correct place. Increased the damage of Loaded Hull explosions from 150 -> 225. Raox2 2017-12-11T18:03:40Z
074bfd9db621e014e6b0469043aa1c699de2da4b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the drone control not setting the correct resupply ammo type. Rollermine speed reduced by 10%. Increased the hit cooldown, but increased the damage to compensate. Slightly reduced bounce velocity. Shades can now grab them. Low ammo force fields are now red instead of cracked. Increased the fire rate of pulse drones. Raox2 2017-12-11T16:36:38Z
56687b34cc7a769729a8be37b46c3de6dc193622 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Make the laser meta less prevalent. Gluon and variants damage reduced 5%. Raox2 2017-12-10T21:44:07Z
e51ea875c875aad16b2019fb01d6d30c95f0bd86 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Merged Skill Tree Branch to Master. (Dummy commit to make it show in /updates). Raox2 2017-12-10T10:57:19Z
33586cd398e126700a7a99fc038c72c8ffe511f9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added a close button to the class menu. Raox2 2017-12-09T20:50:13Z
ca1dee354813afeb725d671ff449e2a05a55712c JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Enkindler killicon Raox2 2017-12-09T20:31:28Z
eb305035741e5586fdf5b4c9ecea517e99da24b4 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced Heavy Strikes rebalance -reduced knockback bonus from 125% to 100% -unarmed strikes now take 100% of damage instead of 8% (brass knuckles aren't considered unarmed) TheDarkerOne 2017-12-09T19:51:34-05:00
5d7e096ea1681b45625fa4871969ec00f9b4054b JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed Bloodletter not working with Cardiotonic TheDarkerOne 2017-12-09T19:14:14-05:00
d622e3182523b45c96d260829a27b230b1db8d9f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Updated Sawhack appearance and killicon TheDarkerOne 2017-12-09T18:43:22-05:00
2dc5a5975b4bb3070c36a2f65aee9c21bf8601e3 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed the speed debuff on kill for the Brash skill. Fixed the pulse drone killicon. Fixed Resonance Cascade trinket proccing twice. Fixed the blood shot bomb ammo. Raox2 2017-12-09T18:01:18Z
0dfdde6f69ccceceb85f95bfe2904e03a23220ba JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Tithonus damage: 21 -> 22.5. Accuracy also improved slightly. Bonemesh projectiles only heal skeletal classes for 36% of their health. The regeneration buff is also only 36% effective. Raox2 2017-12-09T16:20:45Z
fc42dc20e00ca0c30e1e5eeb4f5306a394051a8f JetBoom/noxiousrpg Prepare skill system change Skills are leveled with XP you get from doing stuff (kill mobs, harvest, craft). Use the XP to level skills of your choice. Minor skills still level through use. JetBoom 2017-12-09T00:59:22-05:00
466a7b8269f200a0ba971ac0e53df6ef9ec041e1 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Refactored some logic around leg damage, pulse weapons and cold damage inflicting weapons. All cold damage now implicitly inflicts arm damage. Frost Shade, Chilled Ghoul, Frigid Revenant and Cool Wisp are immune to sources of slow from cold weapons (Frotchet and Cryo Gas Grenade). Raox2 2017-12-08T19:21:58Z
cf35b217b9134fcedc868b77899a3ba62bf2705f JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Scythe damage upped. Fixed the adrenaline amplifier modifier giving you 5 seconds of speed instead of 10. Raox2 2017-12-07T22:24:33Z
33416bb306019bb7e67c31296515fe4c4413ba40 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Merge pull request #64 from ChiefTuK/patch-6 Update prop_carry_smokebomb.lua JetBoom 2017-12-07T21:35:24-05:00
3854d1f738ccedea1ca7c039b519234df78c5878 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Merge pull request #65 from ChiefTuK/patch-7 very minor stuff JetBoom 2017-12-07T21:35:16-05:00
b5ccf744c9ae2017e052ccb079fde5d5f37fd131 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added new skills: Motion I-III (counterparts to Vitality), Brash. Raox2 2017-12-07T19:49:45Z
83fd921d891f669ac35d03ebcc579eb32c40ce48 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Humans now spawn on sigils when they connect. Adjusted the formula for the way zombies get extra health when they spawn. It should adapt to player count better now. Will be monitoring this. If it works out okay late game zombies might be tapered in difficulty. Zombies at a low infliction get a buff to damage and speed. This is denoted with a slight green glow. Raox2 2017-12-06T22:51:04Z
4a18168a4da716840394ed1fa188a75a3063d2a5 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Oversight. Also trying to make future codebase changes not extend over too many characters. Raox2 2017-12-06T21:07:38Z
ac488b2416427785533696c0658ff95a37b426e9 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Gluon type weapons now have a bit of heft. Trinkets will help out. Fixed Cardiotonic consuming blood armor when you're not moving. Raox2 2017-12-06T20:32:27Z
16a01d48eb96d078c69d652912f65390a3fcf401 JetBoom/bosco Initial commit JetBoom 2017-12-06T17:36:56-05:00
debb7bb2e9ea32dc32d6208772f20387116fdfb8 JetBoom/noxiousnet-server Initial commit JetBoom 2017-12-06T16:53:59-05:00
b62809cdaae9018661ca898a043f3ff9b1fefe9d JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Missing color values TheDarkerOne 2017-12-06T01:45:26-05:00
861fea3121a1e36dc467bb7f4e89cdd485bd29f2 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet ZE pickup message changes Messages should only display if the weapon has children parented to it Now includes target names to know which weapon was picked up Added hook for things like chatlog tracking ZE weapons now have a sprite to indicate where you have to stand to pick it up and are team colored. Green for zombies and orange for humans. Zombies can now drop ZE weapons TheDarkerOne 2017-12-06T01:38:42-05:00
b09e79895f05afd32fe278db2f7aac12d1b52597 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added the Scythe to Tier 4. Pierces like a longsword and has a 3 hit combo. Raox2 2017-12-05T23:19:55Z
706fc6789a1c12196a74824ca03d08fd23444e45 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Reduced all stats on the Owens except damage. Shroud clip size and accuracy increased. Slug Rifle has a 2.5x headshot multiplier, which applies to bosses. Added the Craft Book to the Weapons Database. Raox2 2017-12-05T21:09:41Z
07e7d68649f88d74fe86a2e6af401e800c44111a JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Improved the language of the worth menu. Conveys selected elements more clearly. Items you can't select are now properly red highlighted. Raox2 2017-12-05T20:09:54Z
84fdbb9fb7bf0183cc78f67ddf02b258e7ee9342 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Added killicons for the Assault Turret, Pulse Drone, Rollermine, Antidote Shot and Onyx. Drone killicon reworked. Moved deployables into their own tab in the arsenal. Fixed pngs not showing in the weapon selection. Made it so killicons that use a font render with a higher size in the weapon selection. Raox2 2017-12-05T19:53:49Z
d6a88544199788875d48fdcaba476a393f623561 JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a lua error Raox2 2017-12-03T20:06:34Z
8eb3fc5941b81ca41d3188d1f2d8512800a35c0e JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet Fixed a few issues with rollermines. Raox2 2017-12-03T18:59:43Z
b29f76f1544a413a32b16df2e17d629bf7f04364 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown beating stick align properly to hand ChiefTuK 2017-12-03T18:15:46-08:00
3074179718bb4f9df73a5fa9e74cc201062687a6 JetBoom/extremefootballthrowdown Update status_gravity.lua dsp ChiefTuK 2017-12-03T18:06:37-08:00